Bubbles primarily uses a series of special hula hoops designed to suit her acrobatic abilities. When thrown, flipped or swung, these hoops can ensnare an enemy, or render them unconscious. New hoops are periodically tested that provide various functions. The lieutenant also carries a standard assortment of Clown Commando armaments.
Bubbles grew up on the streets. Orphaned in her early teens, she used her natural agility and stealth to commit petty crimes. A growing adrenaline junky, her crimes soon began to escalate. However, once apprehended, she was given a choice: juvenile detention or the Clown Commando Boot Camp for Troubled Youth. She chose the later for an easy ride and to pick up some new moves along the way. Yet, when she met Colonel Clown, he convinced her that she could use her talents for a more noble purpose. Now, after being stranded in our world, sensing the colonel’s lack of faith, and once again being considered a fugitive, Lieutenant Bubbles constantly struggles between her former addiction and her oath to the CC.
"Sure, I’m a regular girl. I just happen to be able to kick butt."
130 lbs.