The Colonel has been a Clown Commando for as long as anyone in the outfit can remember. He is a confident leader, headstrong, and well respected by his team. He expects no less than the absolute best a Clown can give. However, unbeknownst to his team, the colonel tendered his resignation prior to their final mission. Although he didn’t explain his reasons to command, the colonel finally lost faith in what the CC stands for. Originally fighting for freedom, the CC have slowly evolved into being pawns for a totalitarian regime. Being stranded in our world has not only strengthened his reservations, but also given him hope that one day he can return and help make a difference in his own world.
"I'm a simple man. I'm a Clown. It's what I do."
215 lbs.
Colonel Clown's weapon of choice is his custom-made, pearl grip, Seltzer Automatic (with plenty of spare cartridges). He also carries Happy Bombs and an assortment of non-lethal Clown Commando armaments.