Blammo was one of many children in a French family of ore miners. While his family was renowned for their expertise in the mining of precious metals and the use of explosives in particular, young Blammo grew tired of the simple life under the mountains, and sought his fortune in the armed forces. Despite his genius with explosives, the regular military rejected him because of his size. His talents, however, drew the attention of the Clown Commandos. The sergeant has a tendency to be gruff, and to wax philosophical at the most inopportune moments. The squad’s peculiar fate has seemed to have the least impact on Blammo. His usual demeanor continues to boost the squad’s moral in the most trying of circumstances.
"Zere are precious few problems zat cannot be solved wiz reason, diplomacy, and high explosives."
Blammo is an Ordnance Specialist; he manufactures several types of non-lethal explosives. His best-known weapon is the Happy Bomb, a hand-held grenade that combines stun concussion with a concentrated laughing gas. Some of his other creations are the Mime Mines, Silly Shells, Lolly Pops, and the Wacky Back-Packy Warhead. The sergeant chooses his weapons based on the specifics of each mission.