Very little is known of Corporal Honky's life prior to his enlistment in the Clown Commandos. He has never spoken a word, and it is not known if this is a medical condition or simply a matter of choice. Honky communicates via hand gestures and a series of honks from his rubber nose. Intelligence sources speculate that his lack of vocalization stems from the fact that he was once a member of the Mime Syndicate. However, this has never been substantiated. He continues to be the team tactician and supply member yet his change in demeanor supports the theory of his former Mime allegiance. Honky seems more determined than anyone to stamp out the Mime “virus” before it spreads any further in this world.
"Honk. Honk."
135 lbs.
Honky employs a unique clown technology called "Baggy Pants." Although the specifics are classified, the technology allows the sergeant to carry a seemingly limitless supply of weapons and gear in his pants. He has no weapon of choice, but is perhaps the most inventive clown when it comes to necessity; he can use almost any item to his advantage.