As a rookie "beat cop," Eva Gomez played a key role in solving the high-profile Duane Tyler kidnapping. Her unique hunches and uncanny ability to mentally “peel apart a case like an onion” led her to the abducted sports figure and put her on point when the media arrived. Being hurled into the spotlight helped get her noticed by her superiors and played no small part in fast-tracking her law enforcement career. But as a young detective--and soon after a full lieutenant--she often struggled against the discrimination and disapproval of more experienced detectives and patrol officers. Of course, it didn’t help that Gomez often focused on the cases more than internal politics. Lt. Gomez tries her best to hone her leadership skills but is still best at solving complex cases with almost eerie reasoning. The quality that slowly endears her to her detectives is the fact that she’d rather be in the field with them than stuck in her office at the precinct.
"Who are these clowns?"
Other than her standard issue sidearm and unique deductive reasoning, the lieutenant’s biggest weapon is her access to the squads of detectives and uniformed police officers from her sector