JAX was originally created as a communications program. He acquired self-awareness, and is now an Artificial Intelligence residing in the special wrist communicators that are standard Clown Commando gear. He helps the Commandos communicate with one another, is a keeper of endless data, and can hack any system anywhere if ordered to do so. Since JAX is an A.I. that resides simultaneously in all communicators, he always knows the condition and location of every Clown Commando. He is also developing a rather brash personality.
"Don't listen to what they say. I'm the real brains in this outfit!"
.5 lbs.
JAX was designed as a communication and information device. He is not a weapon as such, but he has been known to improvise. He can, for example, overload his circuits and emit a jarring bolt of electricity from his display monitor. His ability to hack into and manipulate computer systems can also prove useful.