The Ringmaster carries a variety of weapons, most of them lethal. His chief power seems to be his uncanny ability to bend people to his will. He is a consummate manipulator, and prefers controlling others rather than doing his own dirty work.


STATUS: Wanted
Thaddeus Lynch was a brilliant young university student with interests in physics, history, and a flair for the dramatic. His thesis entitled, "A World Without Clowns: A Better Place?" caused an uproar among scholars, and led to his dismissal from the campus. Intelligence suspects Lynch was experimenting with technology he believed would transfer him to parallel universes, and during such an experiment, an explosion destroyed an entire city block. He was presumed dead, until he resurfaced months later. Now calling himself "The Ringmaster," he is an avowed anarchist and master criminal. His motives are unclear, but he is considered psychotic and extremely dangerous.
"Like the ringmasters before me, I shall expose the Clowns for the buffoons they really are!"
HEIGHT: Unknown WEIGHT: Unknown