STATUS: Wanted
The Mime Syndicate is a complex criminal organization that spans all crimes, classes, and international borders. A cross between a cult and the mafia, the Mime Syndicate is a tangled web of criminals who have baffled law enforcement agencies for decades. None of its members speak, so the capturing of a few mimes never leads authorities to any of the Syndicate's leaders. All members seem to be expendable, and their organization is shrouded in an unbreakable secrecy. There is no reliable intelligence on how new members are recruited either. This is particularly frustrating for Colonel Clown as a fledgling syndicate has sprung to life in this world. Their numbers grow every day despite the clowns’ best efforts.
"_____ "
The Syndicate has developed a special "Mime Technology" that allows them to create invisible, yet very real, weapons seemingly out of thin air. A mime may trap an enemy inside an invisible box with little or no oxygen, or a mime may fire an invisible machine gun at an enemy, striking them with very real bullets. This technology has been a thorn in the side of the CC for years.
HEIGHT: Unknown WEIGHT: Unknown