Private Jumbo is the product of a secret government gene-splicing project. He never knew his real parents, and has been a ward of the state since his birth. The experiment was successful in that Jumbo is a physical marvel; he can dead lift at least one metric ton, and his genetically altered body makes him practically impervious to attack. For reasons unknown, he is keenly attuned to the emotions of others, and is thought to be at times overly sensitive. He is easily hurt by criticism, and needs constant reassurance. His continued adventures in this world weigh heavy on his simple mind. Here he sees clowns who entertain children and he wonders why he can’t do the same. Luckily, Blammo has helped keep his fragile emotions in check—for now.
"Bad people are bad. They should be more like good people."
400 lbs
Jumbo's primary weapon is himself. He has super-human strength and stamina, and is nearly impervious to pain. His emotions are his only weakness. The private is currently testing a new weapon design: The Big Bang. It can be loaded with almost anything at hand and fired. Because of its immense size, only Jumbo can operate it.