As if his guise wasn’t enough, upon his arrival in the alternate universe, the Ringmaster “recruited" this motley group from a local circus sideshow. Their various
appearances match their devious talents and skills. They are: Johnny Spire; the stilt man, Gigantiana;
the bearded, fat lady, Slipknot; the contortionist, Inferno;
the fire breather, and Velocito; the human projectile. They are formidable enemies in and of themselves, but controlled by The Ringmaster, they are twice as deadly.
"FREAK is such a dirty word. We like to consider ourselves MORALLY IMPAIRED!"
The diversity of this group is matched only by their diversity of weapons and fighting styles. The Clown going up against this gang must not only be wary of both attacks from above and below, but also of engulfing flames, death grips, and toxic gas.
HEIGHT: Wide Range WEIGHT: Wider Range